A virus and my own business

My own business, that is quite a responsibility which I want to approach in a playfull way. Learning everyday new things, thinking about my vision for my business. Not knowing if I am doing the right thing, if I am on the right place. Feeling the responsibility for the guests that are sleeping here, the feeling that I have to do more than I do now. 


The responsibility for an old house which is both my business and my home, although I still find it hard sometimes to see this house as my home. I still not have found a place in the house where it feels okay, comfortable and safe to lie down on the ground to connect with the earth and feel her energy. I feel kind of cut off. Lying on the ground for me is to connect and feel the healing energy from the earth.  


It is quite a challenge to keep a house like this in a good shape, it cost a lot of money. Earning you money during the spring and summer and safe up for the winter months. Living a live like this can be a challenge. You can control everything, in fact you there is no control. That is something I have learned in the past weeks.  

A virus, the world full of fear and panic. I am trying not to get everything to me. So much information, so many uncertainties and not knowing what is true, what is not true.
I am trying to keep the peace, to accept that what is and keep the faith.


Trying to to worry about the fact that I have a small business in tourism and the whole thing about having a B&B is receiving tourist who are traveling and if nobody is allowed to travel than there is no business and no business means no income. An income I need to live, I need to eat, I need to pay the bills.


I wonder why this is happening at this moment in my life, why this is coming on my path, what can I learn from this? Can I see possibities? Or do I only see the dark? Trying to focus on the light and love, but afraid for how it will work out for me. Do I have the strength to just hold on, keep the trust and knowing that everything will be okay and that everything is happening for me and not against me. Do I have this resiliance? Or will I panic and crash?  What will be my lesson? What will be the lesson for the world? Will Love and Light be enough?